Welcome to Pisca Bay Boattrips!

Our boat and company are for sale www.daycharterboatcuracaoforsale.com

From April 15 2014 all our trips are temporarily on hold.

Curaçao has many faces, and one of its most beautiful faces can only be seen from the water!

Untouched nature, secluded beaches, picturesque bays and of course the magnificent ocean itself.

So when you come to our beautiful island, you should definitely consider one of our boat trips.

As you can see in the menu above, we have many to choose from. There’s something for everybody and, when you want, we can plan one according to your wishes.

Our booking office in Pisca Bay Hut is open daily from noon until 22:00.

You can book your trips or get more info there, and we also have a waterfront terrace with great sea view, where we serve drinks and bites for small prices.

Polar beer $ 2, BBQ $ 10

Pisca Bay Hut is situated at the entrance of Piscadera Bay, behind the Hilton and next to Pirate’s Bay restaurant.

Cruise ship information:

Whenever a cruise ship comes in, our representatives will be on the pier, offering 2-hour snorkeltrips and sunset-trips for just $ 39

Ask about these trips at the tourdesk of your ship.

Also ask about our different tours and trips!